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Amber Bounthapanya

Amber Bounthapanya: Career Center Specialist
activist. foodie. art lover.

I am a Career Center Specialist at the University Career Center and am the main contact for students to connect with our Career Coaches. As a student myself, I love being able to help and provide resources for students in their career paths and goals. I work with wonderful staff members that have helped me in my personal and professional goals as well! Read more.

Megan Bruey

Megan Bruey: Career Center Specialist

Hi! I’m Megan . I work at the University Career Center as a Career Center Specialist, and I help students connect to the resources our office offers such as appointments with career coaches and the P.H.O.G. Read more.

Allyson Brunner

Allyson Brunner: Career Center Specialist
dancer. adventurer. supporter.

As a Career Center Specialist,I get to be the first contact for anyone coming into the UCC. I greet students, manage career coach calendars, and answer phone calls and emails. I also get to help give students feedback on their resumes. Read more.

Rachel Davis

Rachel Davis: Assistant Director
problem solver. pop culture geek. wordsmith.

Professional Service

In my role as Assistant Director at the University Career Center, I work closely with students -- particularly those in their first-year and those participating in the Adidas Leadership Scholars program -- to support them in the journey from college to career. I enjoy helping students through every step of the career development process, from answering big questions ("What do I want to do after I graduate?") to puzzling through little details ("How do I format my resume?").​ Read more.

Millinda Fowles

Millinda Fowles: Associate Director
dessert aficionado. 
wanderluster. hot mess.

Hi, I’m Millinda. I’m the Associate Director of Integrated Marketing & Data Analytics at the University Career Center. That's the long way of saying I manage all marketing strategies, promotional campaigns, and assessment efforts at the UCC. I have the pleasure of working with a team of marketing interns who provide me with talent, skills, and fresh ideas.Read more.

Kendyl Grender

Kendyl Grender: Career Coordinator, Events
creative type. travel junkie.

I’ve always had a strong passion for engaging people with a broader community mission. As the Career Coordinator- Events here in the UCC my job highlights just that by connecting and engaging students with knowledge and ideas outside the confines of a classroom; I have the ability to support students as they become participants in their own success.Read more.

David Gaston

David Gaston: AVP, Undergraduate Studies & Executive Director, UCC

career leader. educational entrepeneur. global pro.

Professional Service

In my work I may need to be a psychologist, a labor economist, a retailer, a sales person, a management consultant, a politician, an academic, a marketer, a futurist, an entrepreneur as well as many other things. My mission is to assist college students in their efforts to lead more meaningful, purposeful lives. Read more.

Joe Hams

Joe Hams: Career Coach
listener. activist. thinker.

Hello, I'm Joe! I am a Graduate Student at the University of Kansas studying Counseling Psychology. I am a very caring and passionate person. These strengths have led me to the field of Counseling Psychology, and presently, to the University Career Center. Read more.

Ann Hartley

Ann Hartley: Associate Director
metaphysical explorer. tea lover. opera enthusiast.

Professional Service

I develop relationships with employers, manage career fairs and find ways to link up employers and students. I collaborate with other KU departments on programs and events and supervise a wonderful and very creative group of career network team members. Read more.

Haley Harwood

Haley Harwood: Career Coach
adventurer. encourager. humorist.

Hey there, I’m Haley! I’m a Graduate Assistant Career Coach at KU. I'm originally from Lawrence, but moved to Texas for school and then work for about 7 years. I love being back in Lawrence as a grad student in Higher Education Administration. I love meeting with students to explore their interests and strengths and work with them on how to utilize those things while working towards their career goals. Read more.

Lonnie Hughes

Lonnie Hughes: Peace Corps Representative
father. husband. son.

Hello... my name is Lonnie and I am the Peace Corps Representative here at the University Career Center. My wife and I served with the Peace Corps in Uganda, East Africa from 2006-2008 and we found the experience to be very meaningful. Read more.

Melissa Johnson

Melissa Johnson: Assistant Director
cheerleader. wanderluster. eternal optimist.

Professional Service

I try to find the joy in everything I do and as an Online Instructor for the University Career Center, that’s not hard to achieve. I have the opportunity to help KU students, near and far, realize their academic and career goals through our online career management (LA&S 475 / LA&S 485) and internship (LA&S 490) courses. Read more.

Rhiannon Racy

Rhiannon Johnson: Assistant Director
collaborative investigator. dream advocate. learning junkie.

Professional Service

As an assistant director, I encourage students to lead more meaningful and fulfilling lives by teaching them to identify and synthesize their unique passions, interests, strengths, skills, and personality in one-on-one career coaching appointments. You may also find me leading career education workshops and working career events around campus. Ultimately, I have a passion for developing students' understanding of who they are and how they relate to the world around them. Read more.

Madison Keith

Madison Keith: Events Intern
dreamer. supporter. advocate.

I’ve always loved bringing people together and helping people in any way I can. Working as the UCC Event Planning Intern at KU I’m able to bring people together and help people by providing them ways to meet with potential employers. Read more.

Sarah Kovalesky

Sarah Kovalesky: Career Coach
thinker. coffee lover. runner.

I believe everyone has a unique story that is worth sharing, detailed with promise, passion and strengths. At the University Career Center I get to meet one-on-one with students to explore their passions and strengths to help them get to where they want to be!! Read more.

Ellen Lind

Ellen Lind: Career Coordinator
musician. entrepreneur. coffee lover.

Professional Service

Every office needs someone to help things run smoothly - as a Career Coordinator at the University Career Center, that's my job. I serve as record-keeper, organizer, and problem-solver. I love the incredibly varied nature of my work, as well as being part of such a great team. Read more.

Catherine McCurley

Catherine McCurley: YES Program Coordinator
student. caretaker. leader.

Howdy, I’m Catherine and I run the Youth Education Services Tutoring program. Every semester I hire KU students to tutor children at the public schools around Lawrence. When I'm not in school or at the office, I'm watching KU basketball and football games at the world famous Bullwinkle's Bar. Read more.

Monica Ontiveros

Monica Ontiveros: Career Center Specialist

I am a career center specialist as well as a proud student at KU. I am one of the main point of contacts at The University Career Center. Being helpful to as many people as I can is what I strive to do everyday! Read more.

Shysta Pandey

Shysta Pandey: Graphic Design Intern
bold person. curious thinker. loud individual.

I'm a Visual Communication Design student at the University of Kansas and a Graphic Design Intern at the University Career Center. I love colors that remind me of sunsets and the sea, art history, period dramas, open-water diving, dogs and anything with rice in it (except Rice Krispie Treats). Read more.

Natalia Plotnikov

Natalia Plotnikov: Assistant Director
educator. learner. traveler.

I really enjoy helping students pursue their passions and gain meaningful experiences. I look forward to partnering with you as you explore career paths, and navigate the job search process. Please come see me to discuss choosing a major, finding an internship, applying for jobs, and networking. Read more.

Trey Ramm

Trey Ramm: Film & Media Intern
explorer. signer. videographer.

Hello! I'm Trey Ramm, a videographer in the marketing department at the University of Kansas Career Center. I love creating videos that grab someone's attention and help get our message out and into the world. I also help with graphic design and photos to display our message and show people who we are. Read more.

Wendy Shoemaker

Wendy Shoemaker: Senior Associate Director
explorer. catalyst. wide-eyed optimist.

Professional Service

I supervise the career education team, a group of dedicated professionals devoted to the success of KU students. I conduct research, train new career counselors, and teach, often internationally. Embracing "happy accidents" has opened doors for me to work in Africa, Europe and the UK and inspired me to create the course, "Preparing for International Careers", a course designed to help students understand the international nature of the world of work. Read more.

Erin Wolfram

Erin Wolfram: Associate Director
true crime fanatic. beach bum. dog lover.

Professional Service

As the Associate Director of Career Technologies and Online Education at the University Career Center I manage our technology; designed, developed, and manage our website; and supervise the instructors of our online career development courses and our Career Advancement Program manager. I also co-supervise our fabulous Career Center Specialists. Read more.

Cue Wright

Cue Wright: Communications Assistant
creative. entrepreneur. educator.

What’s up, I’m Cue. I’m a hip-hop artist living in Lawrence, Kansas. I currently work the University Career Center (UCC) coordinating social media content and assisting with marketing campaigns. Read more.

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