History of Art

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The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences offers a BA, BGS, and BFA, as well as a MA and a PhD in the History of Art, which introduces students to the past and present and offers courses in history of photography, prints, and drawings.

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Sample of Related Skills

  • Demonstrate a basic knowledge of the canonical works of western art and architecture, and representative works of non-western art, the art of minorities and women, through the ability to recognize the works, their artists, their stylistic period and their art historical significance 
  • Recognize that different interpretive frameworks can be used to analyze works of art 
  • Demonstrate an understanding of works of art and architecture from diverse genres and from a range of historical periods and geographical locations 
  • Demonstrate familiarity with more than one artistic culture of a particular time and place 
  • Demonstrate mastery of analytical skills such as observation and inductive reasoning in interpreting works of art both as formal structures and in relation to social and cultural contexts 
  • Demonstrate mastery of the principal developments and primary problems of interpretation and an awareness of critical and theoretical perspectives 
  • Demonstrate an array of critical approaches to the study of art history and visual culture 
  • Produce an extended work involving visual analysis, reading research, critical thinking, writing, and standard methods of documentation

Popular Career Paths

Museums/Galleries: Involves showcasing and preparing art-museums depend on grants and membership for support, while galleries depend on selling art to the public for funding.

Funding Agencies for the Arts: Concerned with raising money for art programs.

Art Journalism: Deals with writing, editing, and producing art-related materials.

Auction Galleries: Involves the selling and buying of art through galleries.

Business: Often focuses on the buying and selling or art and art products, usually in a store or commercial setting.

Explore More Career Paths

Jobs to Consider


Art Consultant

Art Dealer

Artist Agent

Art Transporter

Community Art Teacher





Docent Coordinator


Exhibit Designer

Gallery Director

Grants Officer


Public Relations Manager/Assistant


Print Publisher



Places to Seek Employment

Art Galleries

Art/History Magazines

Art Supply Stores

Auction Galleries

Camps/Recreation Facilities

Ceramics Shops

Community Art Centers

Custom Framing Stores

Educational Institutions


Jewelry Stores


Non-Profit Organizations

Publishing Companies


Employment Strategies

  1. Identify areas of interest in art and history, so you can focus your academics and experiences toward these fields.
  2. Become familiar with the required professional qualifications associated with careers that interest you (i.e., advanced degrees, licensure and/or certifications).
  3. Gain direct experience within the areas that interest you most through research projects, independent study, internships, part-time jobs, student organization involvement, or volunteering.
  4. Register for HireJayhawks.com and subscribe to the Internship Newsletter to receive automated weekly emails with specific internship information.
  5. Consider joining a professional organization related to your area of interest in art history, and, if possible, attend local and/or regional conferences to make connections with professionals working in your field.
  6. Earn a minor or take additional coursework outside your major when relevant.
  7. Complete an independent study to gain advanced research skills.
  8. Maintain a strong GPA if you are considering pursuing graduate or professional education.
  9. Consider getting involved with a student organization at KU related to your area of interest, such as: Ceramics Club, Community Resources Engaging the Arts through Education, KU Photo Club, Photography Club, and Spencer Museum of Art Student Advisory Board.
  10. Develop your resume and tailor it to your area(s) of interest: sample resume (pdf).

Job and Internship Search Resources

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